Money, Money, Money!!

One of the WONDERFUL perks of choosing speech therapy over teaching is the salary. Even though most people say, “money isn’t everything” or “money can’t buy happiness,” money CAN buy a lot of things that make you happy 😉

Salaries all depend on the place you decide to work.. If you decide you want to work in the school system as a speech therapist, you won’t get paid as much as if you decided to work in home health.

Since I am from the beautiful state of Alabama, I’ll post the salaries of speech therapists here according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Elementary and Secondary schools- $66,490
  • Health Practitioners- $82,240
  • Hospital- $76, 910
  • Nursing Home- $87,810
  • Home Health- $90,530

Where Can You Work As a Speech Therapist?

As a speech therapist, you aren’t limited to a private practice or a hospital. Although those are great places to work, you have SO many more options!

Speech Therapists can work at

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • home health
  • private schools
  • public schools
  • private practices
  • community clinics
  • colleges
  • health departments
  • research labs

With each of these places of employment comes different job descriptions, hours, salaries, and different client ages