About Me

My name is Amber Norris and I am a currently a college student studying Speech Therapy at the University of Alabama. I was born and raised in Fosters, Alabama, which is a quiet, small town in Tuscaloosa County. I attended a small Christian school from pre-school until 4th grade where I moved to another Christian school and attended from 4th-12th grade. Both schools were very small. My graduating class had only 52 students (including me). Since I came from a small town and small high school, transitioning to the University of Alabama was difficult.

I started UA in the fall of 2012 as an elementary education major. Freshman year was a struggle as I was learning to adjust to college life, getting a job, and attending a much bigger school. I started working at a children’s museum and a church nursery around the same time. I accredit my change of major to my jobs.

Last semester I decided to change my major from elementary education to communicative disorders, commonly known as speech therapy. I decided that I would change my major because I couldn’t see myself in a classroom for the rest of my life. I don’t understand how teachers do it (more power to them!). I am now in my second semester with speech therapy and couldn’t be happier!

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