Money, Money, Money!!

One of the WONDERFUL perks of choosing speech therapy over teaching is the salary. Even though most people say, “money isn’t everything” or “money can’t buy happiness,” money CAN buy a lot of things that make you happy 😉

Salaries all depend on the place you decide to work.. If you decide you want to work in the school system as a speech therapist, you won’t get paid as much as if you decided to work in home health.

Since I am from the beautiful state of Alabama, I’ll post the salaries of speech therapists here according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Elementary and Secondary schools- $66,490
  • Health Practitioners- $82,240
  • Hospital- $76, 910
  • Nursing Home- $87,810
  • Home Health- $90,530

Where Can You Work As a Speech Therapist?

As a speech therapist, you aren’t limited to a private practice or a hospital. Although those are great places to work, you have SO many more options!

Speech Therapists can work at

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • home health
  • private schools
  • public schools
  • private practices
  • community clinics
  • colleges
  • health departments
  • research labs

With each of these places of employment comes different job descriptions, hours, salaries, and different client ages

What Do You Need to do to Become a Speech Therapist?

Becoming a Speech Therapist is no walk in the park by any means! Like I mentioned in my first post, I attend the University of Alabama where I am currently studying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist (commonly known as a speech therapist). In order to become a licensed Speech Therapist, you have to attend a LOT of school.

Not only do you have to get your bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders, you have to go BACK to school to receive your master’s degree. As if all of that schooling wasn’t enough to certify you as a speech therapist, you also have to take a test with ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) to receive your certification. ONLY when you complete all of these will you be a licensed speech therapist.

You could always go back to school to obtain your doctorate if you want the title of “Doctor”, but that’s just not in the cards for me 🙂

Speech Therapists: What do they do?

When you think of a speech therapist, what do you think of?

I used to think they just helped kids learn to speak correctly and in a manner where they could be understood.. WRONG! Speech therapists do so many other things and help all ages, not just children. Speech therapists not only diagnose and treat speech/language disorders, they also diagnose and treat swallowing disorders.

Speech therapists help with articulation, which is when a person has trouble saying certain sounds. For example, if a child says, “wun” instead of “run”, that is an articulation problem.

They also help with fluency disorders which is when a person has trouble with repeating certain sounds (commonly referred to as stuttering) or when they have trouble saying a complete word.

Resonance or voice disorders is another thing speech therapists help with. Resonance is the nasality of the voice. It may sound like the person is talking through their nose or they may not be nasal enough.

Not only does a speech therapist help with speech disorders, they also help with language disorders. A language disorder is when someone may have trouble understanding what someone else is trying to tell them. They may have trouble expressing what they are feeling or may have trouble gathering their thoughts.

Swallowing disorders affect more people than we realize. It is very important for speech therapists to diagnose and treat people with swallowing disorders. If left undiagnosed, many fatalities could occur.

Speech Therapists

Welcome! In this blog you will get to learn about speech therapists including what their job entails, salary, what it takes to be a speech therapist, why you need them, places they can work and much more! The reason I chose this topic to blog about is because this is something I am slowly becoming passionate about. I am currently a college student attending the University of Alabama. Just last semester, I was majoring in elementary education and (thankfully) figured out that wasn’t for me. As I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to major in, a friend of mine sat down to talk with me and suggested I look into speech therapy. I took her advice and found it rather interesting; interesting enough to change my major! When I entered into the field, I didn’t know much about speech therapy and had to educate myself on a lot of things. Hopefully this site will help you out as I try to educate you in the field of speech therapy. Stay plugged into my blog to learn about this interesting topic!