I Am a Grammar Natzi

According to “Being the Grammar Police” by Daryl L. L. Houston, sometimes correcting someones grammar on their personal blog can be more hurtful than it is helpful. I’ve always loved the English language and have excelled in spelling and grammar, so when someone uses the wrong form of “your” and “you’re”, it drives me INSANE. Granted, I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget where a comma should be placed, or I may place it after the end quotation mark when it should be placed before. Regardless, I feel that if you are going to post on any form of social media, you should make use of spell check or have someone proof-read your posts before you post them. I find it extremely difficult to read a post that is full of grammatical errors. As I am reading, I correct the mistakes in my head, therefore making it impossible to retain what I just tried to read. On the other hand, I agree with what Mr. Houston had to say in his blog. Although it bothers me when someone uses poor grammar, if they were to constantly be corrected, it may hurt their feelings, or piss them off. Speaking from personal experience, I correct my family members all the time when they use incorrect grammar when they speak. They all feel like I am disrespecting them because they are older than me and feel it’s not my place to be correcting someone older than me. By reading Mr. Houston’s post, it has really put things in perspective for me when it comes to correcting other people, especially on social media. From now on, if I feel like I want to correct someone on their post, I will merely go to another blog before I comment, correcting their grammar!


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