Speech Therapists

Welcome! In this blog you will get to learn about speech therapists including what their job entails, salary, what it takes to be a speech therapist, why you need them, places they can work and much more! The reason I chose this topic to blog about is because this is something I am slowly becoming passionate about. I am currently a college student attending the University of Alabama. Just last semester, I was majoring in elementary education and (thankfully) figured out that wasn’t for me. As I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to major in, a friend of mine sat down to talk with me and suggested I look into speech therapy. I took her advice and found it rather interesting; interesting enough to change my major! When I entered into the field, I didn’t know much about speech therapy and had to educate myself on a lot of things. Hopefully this site will help you out as I try to educate you in the field of speech therapy. Stay plugged into my blog to learn about this interesting topic!


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